Thursday, July 5, 2012


Warning: This post is written from a Starbucks lobby by someone who hasn't bathed or had air conditioning since June 29th, 7 days ago! Please forgive my negativity, misspellings, and punctuation errors.

A Derecho came through and caused a major blackout in the Mid-Atlantic region on Friday night. Most people have now had there power restored, but we are one of the last few customers still without. Since we have an electric well pump, this also means that we do not have water. At this point, 7 days since my last shower, my personal hygiene is appalling. Estimates say that we will have power by midnight tonight, but they said that yesterday too. I'm skeptical, but hopeful.

Well, that's my rant. Here are some pictures from the past few days. I'm writing this on my phone so I'm not sure what the order of the photos will be on the actual post.

Empty shelves at the grocery store. No water, but plenty of water balloons. I thought that was funny.

The quality of our food has suffered since we are basically living out of our car. I actually considered eating one of these bananas.

Mountain view from Skyline Drive. Without air conditioning (it's been 100 degrees outside!) we have been driving all day to keep cool. Sadly, 26 people in the area have died, mostly from heat exhaustion. We went to the mountains to cool off.

We have been storing some snacks in our cooler in the car. All of our food at home was spoiled, including the 10 lbs of cherries that I picked, washed, pitted, and carefully froze. Dales Pale Ale is an extremely hoppy beer. I love it, and it looked patriotic for the 4th.

***Hopefully my next post will be from my couch with cool A/C swirling around me. :)

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  1. Awww, that is just so not right. I love the water balloon pic btw. We lucked out and only lost power for only 45 minutes, but had my Mom here till yesterday. We threw away everything in her fridge Monday. Feel bad for her neighbors though who don't get home till Saturday-----EWWWW. Stay cool!