Friday, June 8, 2012

3 Obsessions

Here are three things that I am loving these days...

#1 Justin's Nut Butter
I first came across these nut butters at Starbucks.  Some of their packaged meals contain little squeeze packets of Justin's Nut Butter.  My current fave is the Honey Almond Butter, but I haven't been disappointed with any flavor.  I love that the ingredient list is short and contains minimally processed ingredients.  If you visit the website you'll also see that the company is very passionate about their product. It's available at most grocery stores, Target stores, and REI.

#2 Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans
As I was buying my third pair yesterday, I realized that they have become my favorite jeans.  I have them in mint, hunter green, and black with leather panels. There are tons of options, including indigo if "colored" denim is not your thing. Here's what makes these jeans special: They don't stretch out!  You know how you have to buy most premium denim very tight? Then they stretch and look good.  Then they stretch more and look terrible.  Yeah, I hate that.  These don't do that. Problem solved.

#3 Moleskine Monthly Notebook, Extra Large
I am a list maker, planner, scheduling type of person.  You can't imagine how many different calendars I have tried throughout my life.  This one is the best.  The only downfall is that now I feel panicky if it isn't nearby.  You have to do what works for you, but I just can't go electronic with my schedule.  I have tried and failed.  This calendar has all of the obvious calendar features, but it also includes pages for notes and pockets in the front and back covers.  I love this calendar so much that I have already purchased it for 2013.

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