Friday, May 18, 2012

Tee Shirt Love


Some women are sundress dress people.  Some women are flip flop women.  I am a tee shirt, jeans, and boots woman.  This means that tee shirts are the cornerstone of my summer wardrobe.  This means that I am really into tee shirts.  Since I am tall, you can image my frustration when I buy a tee shirt that (I think) is perfect.  I wear it, I wash it, and then I put it back on and I look like Britney Spears circa "Hit Me Baby One More Time". No bueno.

Well, you can thank Mr. Anthony Thomas Mellilo for saving you from my midriff.  He is the designer of the ATM Tees seen above.  The shirt-tail hem is the detail that really hooked me, but I'm also really into the neckline. It's low enough so that you feel breezy and free, but not so low that you give all of your secrets away.  They are available at Barney's Coop.  Go there, get one, or a few. 

p.s. The tees are not so long that a petite gal couldn't wear them.  They are a versatile length.  Tee shirts for all!

p.s.s. ATM Tees are also available for men! Go men!

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