Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today, we toured the  Copper Fox Distillery and learned more than I expected to ever know about whiskey.  After the tour, we headed up to the Flint Hill Public House to have a taste of the sweet sauce.  My husband ordered the rye whiskey.  I had a sip, but really I was in the mood for a cocktail.  

"Signature" and "artisanal" cocktails seem to be springing up everywhere lately, surprisingly even out in the country.  At Flint Hill they had Grape Martini's on special for $5.  The bartender had personally created the recipe.  I was skeptical, but I can now tell you that Razzmatazz, vodka, grape juice, and sour mix make a tasty treat.  I had two.  

p.s. I had never heard of "Razzmatazz" before today, and I had a tough time keeping a straight face when the bartender shared the recipe. Razzmatazz.  Haha.   

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