Saturday, April 21, 2012

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Yesterday, we spent the day shopping in Georgetown.  The weather was perfectly sunny, but not too hot.  We found parking at a meter that was out of order (free!), enjoyed tapas at Bodega, dodged in and out of the shops, and had coffee down by the water.  You would think that would be pleasing to me, but I found myself feeling...down.

Moving to the country has given me a new perspective on the city.  Now, when we visit, I am more of a voyeur than a participant.  I can't help but notice that many people seem to be desperate for something.  There is an overwhelming feeling of want.  Wanting to get somewhere quickly.  Want for a perfect physique.  Want for new clothes, car, hair, dwelling, a promotion...on and on.

In the country it is much easier for me to feel satisfied.  I feel content and present in the moment.  This is my observation.   I have admiration for people who can achieve that peace in an urban location.  I will always have great affection for busy cities, but, for now, I am happy to make my home in the country.      


  1. oh my gosh, i am so totally jealous of you right now – i want to be back in DC! i loved georgetown so so much, the shopping and culture there is awesome, make sure you get Georgetown Cupcakes! i studied at georgetown university for a bit as well, you should go check out the campus - it's totally incredible! have you been out in DC yet? would really recommend going to Fur – such a fun night there! xx