Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Lovely Day

On Wednesday, I went to D.C. to celebrate my friend's birthday.  Her mom made us an Iranian feast for lunch.  It was amazing.  Then, we headed to the United State Botanical Gardens.  As you can see from the photos above, I favor the greenery to the flowers.  The cactus was the major highlight for me.

From the USBG, we met another friend for dinner at Ping Pong and we went to Kramer Books for apple pie.  It was such a beautiful day filled with delicious food and lovely friends. ♥


  1. Oooh I bought this app after you showed it to me. Such pretty pictures! Thank you for coming was a great fun filled day :o)

  2. Is this somewhere in D.C? I was there recently!

    1. Hi! Long time no see...get back to blogging young lady! :) Yes, it's in D.C. Great city...hope you had a lovely visit.