Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things I Did Not Know

Moving to the country has been a major adventure!  I am learning new things each day.  Nothing has been earth shattering, but rather, there is a lot that I just never thought about before.  

Here are 3 things that I have discovered so far:

#1 The grocery store doesn't have as much to offer.
Last week, I wanted to make Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Capers, a recipe by Rosita Missoni.  It calls for fresh basil.  My grocery store does not offer that product.  So, I had to opt for a live basil plant that I am now desperately trying not to kill (see below).  Today, I wanted to purchase dice.

#2 There isn't a magic trash chute in the country.
When we accumulated trash in our condo I would tie it up, walk down the hall, and drop it into the trash chute.  Poof! No more stinky trash.  In the country you have to haul your trash to a disposal sight.  I saw the truck below on a trash run and thought the size of the tires was notable.

#3 The neighbors are very "friendly".
This something I will have to learn to embrace.  I am used to apartment living where you share walls with people that you have never seen.  I never dreamed of popping by to get to know them.  Now, our neighbors whose house we cannot even see, come by regularly just because.  I am convinced they have an agenda, but maybe that is just city paranoia, maybe.

All in all, I am loving this change of scenery.  Even the ride to dispose of our trash is my pleasure because of the view along the way.  I have been working hard to make our house a home, and for fun I have been tasting the local wines (I promise more details on that in future posts).  


  1. Ok, this made me LOL! Even though I grew up in a very rural area, when we moved back ater living in SLC there are things you just forget (or just have to get used to again).

  2. Glad to provide some humor. :) Happy New Year!