Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tasting Notes

With our recent move to Virginia, it has been my pleasure to drink local wine.  I am doing my own version of bar hopping... vineyard hopping! Here's what I have discovered so far...

I have visited Rappahannock Cellars two times.  Their tasting room is big enough to accommodate a crowd, but without loosing any intimacy.  They have a club room for club members, and I really like that they allow dogs!  I even saw some resident canines lounging under the vines.  What a life!  I really enjoyed the vanilla notes in their 2010 Noblesse Rouge; it was my fave.   

Fox Meadow Winery is set at the top of Blue Mountain.  The view is super impressive.  I love that the tasting includes food pairings.  This is an excellent winery to visit if you are new to wine because the environment is very casual and approachable.  

Barrel Oak Winery is a major producer. In 2008 they produced over 9,000 cases of wine!  Their two-level lodge-style tasting room is very impressive.  They have three tasting options: BOW, WOW, or combine the two for BOW WOW.  I thought that was a bit contrived, but I'm sure some people would love it.  After the tasting, I had the brie plate.  The cheese was lightly warmed and served with crackers...incredibly tasty.   

My favorite stop so far has been Linden Vineyards.  I was impressed with every wine that I tasted.  When you visit their web page you see at the top "never content". This may not be a mantra for happiness, but that unending pursuit excellence makes for great wine.  

As I jot these notes down, I am enjoying a glass of Linden's 2008 Petite Verdot.  It is spicy with a smooth finish.  Cheers!

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  1. I know they will not have the ambience of the vineyard tours and tastings but I have found the Total Wine and More stores to have some very knowledgeable and helpful experts. They also have regularly scheduled free tastings. They have no stores in my area but I think there are fourteen of their stores in VA.