Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jeans Drama

Jeans shopping can be scary!  I used to work retail and it was a sure thing that if a customer was trying on jeans at some point they would pop out of the fitting room to inform me that they "have a weird body".  You would think that armed with this knowledge I wouldn't let jeans shopping get me down, but I do.  Every time I shop for a new pair, at some point I end up thinking that something is terribly wrong about my body.

Then, I start to think that maybe my bar is set too high.  In my mind jeans should make me look like this:

Eventually, I come back to my senses and I begin to think that I should lower my expectations.  I think, maybe I should just give in to the temptation of comfort over style and order a pair of pajama jeans:
After all, she does look happy.  Well, I just don't think I can do it.  So no pajama jeans for me.  Instead, with the help of a very patient salesperson I push through to success.  Yesterday I chose these James Jeans as my winning pair:
They are soft like pajama jeans and (in my mind) they make me look like a Calvin Klein model.  Thanks to these jeans I can be comfy and delusional.

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  1. Pajama jeans are now on sale at your local WalMart. Big surpirse! I would post a pic of the people of WalMart from my state, but I am afraid it would burn your eyeballs. And don't forget the "bonus gray t-shirt". Seriously though, jeans shopping is tough business. Trying to find stylish jeans that don't bag and sag in the wrong places or show your assets when you sit down or bend over is almost impossible. I also don't want to look like a 6 year old Barbie with too many sparkles and rhinestones. These are a perfect choice. Love the skinny fit for winter. Looks great with boots :).