Tuesday, December 27, 2011

D.C. Must See

As you know, we moved to Virginia!  I am super excited about the move and our house, but before I throw myself into this new phase I wanted to share my travel guide for the Washington, D.C. area.  We really enjoyed the area, and I would love to answer any questions if you are ever visiting!

In classic lucky number 3 style, I will share my top 3 places in 3 different categories.

#1  L'Enfant Cafe This cafe is in Adams Morgan.  I love it for Sunday brunch.  My husband swears by the "Crepes Complete".  I can't resist a crepe with Nutella and strawberries with the goat cheese, caramelized onion, and fig tart.

#2 Baked and Wired This bakery is located in Georgetown right by the C & O Canal. Half of the shop is filled with baked goods, and the other side is for coffees, hence the name.  My favorite sweet is the Texas Cupcake. It's dreamy.

#3 Eat Wonky When I worked downtown, daily I got my lunch from the famous food trucks.  I was always hoping to see the Wonky truck pull up.  Their "Wonky Fries" are the Montreal classic dish poutine.  Nom, nom, nom.

#1 Tryst You can get way more than just drinks at Tryst, so go with an open mind and empty stomach.  Their lattes are artful and their creative cocktails are strong. The atmosphere is perfect for your hipster moment.

#2 Churchkey If you love beer, you must go here.  They are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about their offerings.  I love that you can by a 4 ounce taste of any tap beer; it's perfect if you can't decide what to try.

#3 Dickson Wine Bar I did a full post about Dickson here.  Check it out!

#1 Capital Crescent Trail I also did a full post about this one, here.

#2 Dupont Circle People watching...check!  This park inside a traffic circle is action packed.  Grab a cup of coffee and relax on a bench or lay in the grass.

#3 Georgetown Waterfront Park This area has recently been glamorized.  I recommend visiting during the day to enjoy the sun, but be sure to return at night for a romantic stroll.

Sorry this is such a wordy post.  Also, sorry for the lack of pictures.  Please click each link to visit the official websites for the details.  Enjoy!

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