Friday, November 11, 2011

hipster vs. yuppie

I remember in highschool it really seemed to matter which group of kids you had as your friends.  At my school most kids were either preppy, jocks, or (less likely) a goth.

Now, as a twenty-nine year old, I see clearly that groups still remain.  The two major people pods that I encounter are yuppies and hipsters.  After some research, I am not quite sure to which group I belong.  Maybe you can help...

First, let's loosely define each group with two extreme versions of each... 

This is the cover of a book published in 1986.  It's references are somewhat outdated, but you get the point.

I think this image fully captures the hipster style (how cute are those kids?).  For more pics of this hipster family go here.  

Now, let's examine some of my life and style choices...

1. I carry my organic, Whole Foods groceries in reusable shopping bags. Yuppie!
2. I went to a latte art competition last night.  Hipster!
3. At times, I have lusted after Burberry scarves, trenches, etc. Yuppie!
4. I love my single speed Republic bike in custom colors.  Hipster!
5. I have a pair of Gucci ballet flats.  Yuppie!
6. I chose to leave a desk job to work in a coffee shop. Hipster!
7. I regularly shop at J.Crew. Yuppie!
8. I regularly shop at Urban Outfitters. Hipster!
9. I live in Bethesda. Yuppie!
10. I hang out in Adams Morgan. Hipster!

Clearly I am conflicted (or well rounded?).  What do you think?  Oh, and one last question: Are you a hipster or a yuppie? Or, something else entirely?  


  1. I don't think I'm either...or I'm both. :D I think it makes you open-minded.

  2. Yupster..well rounded human. I am both, but definitely more hipster.