Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Weekend So Far...

This weekend has been an absolute blast!  My love is in town and we are living it up.  We started off with the Maloof Money Cup.  It was a skateboarding competition at the new skate park at RFK Stadium.  I am not a skater, but I totally idolize these guys.  Below is "Lizzard" riding the rail.  

Today, we went shopping.  I saw this skull in the dressing room at All Saints.  It caught my eye.  It was my first time shopping this brand.  I like that it is dark, edgy, and casual.  It has some Western flair too, in my book that's a plus.

Then, we went to have dinner at The Cajun Experience.  It was so perfect!  We had Abita beer, shrimp and grits, a crawfish poboy, and chocolate filled beignets. After dinner, I spotted this street art.  I was feeling so happy and loving my weekend in D.C. that I wanted to capture it.  

Happy Labor Day Weekend! ♥

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