Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sudden Downpour

Yesterday, I got caught in a sudden downpour when I was walking with my love.  We were walking from Dupont Circle to Georgetown.  At first, it was just a drizzle, but by the time we were halfway up M Street the bottom fell out.

We ducked in to the closest restaurant, Mie N Yu.  We had strawberry and lychee cobbler with Sumatran coffee.  It was buttery and delicious.  

Through the window I watched people running outside.  Everyone looked so happy.  Being rained on is a bother if you are in expensive clothes or shoes, but, in general, I think that it brings happiness when it rains.  It doesn't matter who you are when it rains. If you are outside, you get wet.  You are alive.

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  1. I like this post, I love sitting in cafes when it rains :) And you're right, as weird as it sounds it does tend to make people happier