Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Stop: Prague, Czech Republic

I am going to recap my trip in 3 separate posts.  It is easy to divide it this way since I went 3 different places.  

First stop: Prague, Czech Republic...

I had always heard Prague described as "amazing" and "romantic".  Maybe this was how the trouble started.  When I get my expectations up I tend to be disappointed.  That is the word I would use to describe Prague, "disappointing".

Problem #1: Prague was VERY cold.  
I think I almost lost my toes during a ghost tour. Yes, this could potentially be solved by not visiting during February.  

Problem #2: The food was not amazing.  
Again, this is because I had high expectations.  My European experiences before Prague had always been centered around various culinary delights.  The best food during our visit was coffee (it was nothing special, but I love coffee).  The strangest food spotted on the menu: "Pork Knuckle" aka "Pork Knee". 
Problem #3: Very gruff "service".
Many Czechs commented that they were surprised to see Americans during this time of year.  Then, they would look at us like we should take that as a queue to leave.  The service overall was like this, but the man seen below in the orange jacket was the worst of all.  Without explanation, he snatched our bags and took off running.  Once we caught him inside the train he shouted in our faces "Tip! Ten Euro!".  Geez. 
*Sorry that this is blurry, but I was running when I took it.
  Next stop...Vienna, Austria!

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  1. I forgot to add in my 3 positive things about Prague. #1-The Astronomical Clock was intriguing. #2-The buildings were quite beautiful. #3-Our hotel had a tasty breakfast and great location (Grand Hotel Praha).