Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adventures in Beauty

I will post the rest of my vacation photos at some point, but to be honest I am bored with telling travel stories.  

Instead, how about a post about my latest beauty adventure!?! I decided to shake things up with an accent nail. What do you guys think? Lame or fun or wacky?  I dig it, so I probably won't stop with it any time soon.  I imagine that it is a jewel on my finger.

I got a few of my closest friends to pose for this picture with me. Thanks to Naomi, Linda, Tatjana, Christy, and Cindy. In case there is any confusion on which one is me...I'm the hand.

*Details: primary nail color Deborah Lippmann in Maneater, accent nail American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Berry, Photo seen under my hand by Peter Lindberg   


  1. I like it! My Beauty adventure this weekend was trying OPI Shatter and China Glaze Crackle. You'll have to check them out! It must have been nail polish weekend ;)

  2. i wish i can see more of your travelling pcs! I'm in the midst of updating my hneymoon o my blog too! alot of pictures alot of time spent in front of the computer! but i just get a kick out of it. come take a look!
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  3. That looks pretty cool, I like it! I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too!