Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chloé, my love...

Thank you for your comments yesterday! Here are the answers from the guessing game:
  1. Flower Stamped Satchel, $170, Topshop
  2. Mid City Tote, $395, Foley + Corinna
  3. Charlie Perforated Tote, $1,795, Chloé

Yes, I was a little tricky.  I put them in order...hehe.

Of course, the Chloé bag was my favorite. (sigh) Unfortunately for me I always fall in love the most unattainable things.  Chloé is actually one of my favorite designer labels.  If you haven't really taken a look at their spring collection I suggest that you do.  This is a line learn from this spring.  The sheer fabrics and nudes and rose tones that are au courant happen to be their specialty.

Spring 2011 RTW


  1. hey there. passing by ^^ the guessing game is interesting. The nude color dress is beautiful. I know chloe for a while~ it’s not my favorite brand ~ but the ones you selected are quite beautiful ^^

    please stop by my blog too! n i’m hosting a giveaway!

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  2. I completely agree my eyes always gets fixated on the expensive ones, I cant help it, but since its usually out of my league I just shake it off. I like see by chloe better than chloe it self, it's more colorfull and more me lol

  3. I want a flowy dress like this one day. I love the natural colors, and that they've paired it with flats. Actually, there's so many nice things about it. I just love it all.

    Thanks for sharing. Gorgeous.