Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thievery Corporation and ESL

If you have heard the "outernational" sound of Thievery Corporation then you are probably already a fan.  I have been a listening to them since I heard "Lebanese Blond" in Garden State.  Recently, I found out that they actually started making music here in D.C.    


Thievery Corporation is made up of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton.  The duo actually met at the Eighteenth Street Lounge  where Hilton was a part owner. Since meeting, they created Thievery Corporation, and went on to form the Eighteenth Street Lounge music label.

Eighteenth Street Lounge is known as one of the world's best bars.  It is located just south of Dupont Circle in a three story, converted mansion.  Long before it became a lounge, Teddy Roosevelt used to live there.  When you visit, you notice quickly that the music still remains the priority of the lounge.  You will not here your typical club-pop music.  It's more urban, more international.  ESL does no advertising, and you wouldn't notice it from the street unless you were looking for it.  I guess word of mouth is all you need when you've got something that's so fantastic.


  1. Yeah, I loved them and found out about them through Garden State. My husband says we have a bunch of their stuff (which I had no idea about) and will be investigating later today.

    That is a really awesome looking bar.

  2. yes they are really great and you can their music adds great ambiance to many many events and activities.

    Now if I could only enjoy this bar as my local neighbourhood bar!

    How very very very Swank to the Hip!


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  3. I love them too! And yep, found them on Garden State. The music in that movie was unbelievable!
    That sounds like such a cool bar as well :)

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