Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Mission

shops near my home
As planned, it started to snow pretty hard this afternoon.  The normal reaction when it starts to snow is to get home and get cozy, or if you are already at home make a cup of hot tea.  I am not normal.  When it starts to snow I get really excited and start layering on mounds of clothes.  Then, I go out on an exploring mission.  It's not enough for me to enjoy the view through the windows.  I like to get outside and feel the cold wind and snow.  It reminds me that I'm alive.  The cold air is a fantastic contrast to the carpeted and fluorescent lighted conditions that I normally inhabit.   

macarons at Cacao
Today, when I went out on my snow mission I made a beeline to my favorite macaron shop.  I felt bad for the gal behind the counter.  I could tell that she resented being there.  I don't think she appreciated or understood me taking this photograph.  She also seemed confused at why I would tramp through the snow to buy fancy French cookies.  Oh well, I know it doesn't make sense, but normally the fun things in life don't. 

Joie de vivre! 


  1. i really need to try a macaroon! they look yummy

  2. ah macaroons!! My favourite dessert in the world!

  3. You know I've never tried a macaroon before, that's on my to do list for 2011. Love the pictures, the snow looks so beautiful (maybe its b/c I'm a Floridian) ;)

  4. Beautiful photos!! and that macarroons look delish!!!!Freesia