Monday, January 10, 2011

The Secret Life of Beef

Happy Meat Free Monday!

I thought that I should explain quickly why I decided that this is important to me...  

I first heard of this Meat Free Monday campaign since I keep tabs on Stella McCartney because I heart her.  At first I thought sure, why not?  If Stella does it, then maybe I should too and possibly we could become friends.  So far, she hasn't contacted me to hang out.  Stella, I'm still waiting.  Anyways, a few months later, as I learned more about my food and what I was eating, I realized that I had an inconsistency in my life.  

I have always demanded the best.  When I was a small girl, I remember my mom telling me "You have expensive taste."  She was right, I do.  It's not that I want nice things to flash around, but the reality is that I find quality to be beautiful and very attractive.  

The inconsistency that I discovered in myself was that I was settling for poor quality when it came to my food.  Weird right?  I mean, why would I hunt for quality apparel, quality work and home conditions, and a top-notch husband if I was willing to ingest poor quality goods?  Sorry to rant, please do not feel like I'm preaching, but I wanted to explain my mental journey.  

If you are curious about the meat quality and how it effects you and the environment there are many resources online.  Below is a simple, light-hearted video about beef production and consumption.  It is a quick way to get started learning about the meat we consume.


***Disclaimer: I recognize that higher quality is more expensive.  If you can afford it, quality is worth it.  If you can't always afford the best, then do what you can.  Also, I must confess that I do occasionally slip up too. 


  1. I totally agree. I don't go for expensive things because I like to show off my expensive things. "Hey, everybody. Come see how good I look!" That's not it.
    I like expensive, well-made, quality items because they are investments. Sure, they're pretty, but they will also last a long time. I don't want to replace a handbag or a pair of shoes every year because they were poorly made. I want high-quality items that will tolerate my carrying them to and from school and work, to the gym, being thrown onto the floor in class, weather, etc. I don't want clothes that will rip in two weeks or wear out after thirty washings.
    That's the point, and I totally agree with you.

  2. yes, small actions have big impact.

    I have bought grass fed beef for many years now. We don't eat it very much maybe 4 times a month at that. So because we eat it less often it easier to splurge on the higher cost.

    Thanks for sharing Amanda:)


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  3. Good health enter by our mouth, good health is what we eat and what we drink. Simple and difficult at the same time.



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  4. Interesting post, I try not to think too much about where the meat comes from, because I'm sure I would become a vegetarian if I knew more...and I really love meat! But I always always buy free range eggs and free range chicken etc.


  5. Like you, I also have expensive taste. I have been particularly anal for years about the meat that I eat. And trust me, you can see the difference in between crap meat and good hormone/antibiotic free, free range animals. It's just worth it.

    Thanks for posting this!

  6. You used to live in Atlanta?! haha That's cool. I love it here. Great post btw! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. thanks for your comment on eecostyle , i don't eat meat much maybe once or twice a month and even i think it's alot .