Sunday, January 16, 2011

Robot Love

Lately, I can't stop thinking about robots.  Back in December I saw a robot ornament, and since then I have been thinking about robots more than a healthy person should.  

When I started looking up robots on the internet I realized that I am not an equal opportunity robot appreciator.  Some of them scare me a little, and many of them come across as annoying.  The videos are pretty amazing.  Some robots can play the violin or even ride a bicycle!  They can also be pretty good dancers!

The robot to the left doesn't do much, but he is my favorite.  He looks like he would be pleasant to be around, maybe he would even tell funny jokes.  He is actually a salt & pepper shaker by 180 degrees.

I am not the first fashion person to become obsessed with robots.  Remember the Prada robot keychain


  1. hahhahah hooray for robots! I can never stop thinking about robots either! They are super rad.

    Quite often I am thinking about how its 2011 and we still don't have robots everywhere, it is quite depressing.


  2. ah I remember that prada keychain!! I was so much in love with it and considering of buying it, but Idk why for some reason I didnt end up having it :-( anyway I think robot is just too cute