Sunday, January 2, 2011

Menswear for Me

Yesterday, for my road trip to Virginia, I wore a men's shirt as part of my outfit.  I realize that this is not a novel idea, but it was a first for me.  

For my menswear adventure I paired the plaid shirt with over-the knee boots, skinny black jeans, and my favorite handbag (oh, and my glasses, but that was really just for comfort). 

First, let me say that I was very comfortable in my baggy top.  I felt a bit like I had snuck out in my pajamas (in a good way).  Second, I was worried that I might look like an actual man.  Instead of feeling masculine, it seemed to make everything else a bit more feminine in contrast.  Often magazines recommend pairing menswear with girly pieces, but I don't think that it is necessary.  Ladies, you have enough feminine magic.  

When someone does something well I try to watch and learn.  Men are pros at being comfortable in their clothes, and that is definitely something I would like to copy. 


  1. Nice choices,and of course the bag is amazing!!

  2. I love stealing Mr. A's clothes and wearing them as my own. It works out so well, and it adds to my closet without actually adding to my closet. (Like there is room. Ha.)


  3. I love menswear!! I wear my husband's work shirt occasionally and pair it with belt and skinny jeans!! the result is comfort yet stylish

  4. haha i agree, actually! menswear doesn't necessarily have to be paired with womenswear - being a woman is enough to complement the top & bottoms
    great blog! hope you're having a fab 2011 so far!

  5. I love buying menswear for me too!xx

  6. Love the plaid. I like wearing oversized mens plaid shirts as shirt dresses with leggings and a belt.

    Im your newest follower! Hope youll like to check out my blog and maybe follow me too : )


  7. Yeahh a bit of menswear in your wardrobe is always good! and anything that feels like wearing pyjamas out is definitely recommended!!
    I'm always stealing my husbands clothes, much to his annoyance!


  8. I love menswear as well ... even though they are not body-flattering, a woman can still look very feminine in them! x