Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello, Mr. Bardem

 Javier Bardem is one of my favorite actors.  I saw an interview of him this morning and I was impressed that he would not speak of his personal life, and I also liked that he was very humble about his career.  You can tell that he is pleased with his life, but he doesn't really obsess over his fame.  He seems to see himself as an artist not a performer, which I have found is a theme with the best actors.   

No Country for Old Men
Vicky Christina Barcelona
Of course, you can see that he is good looking, but what I like the most about watching him in movies is the way he completely transforms with each new role. It is hard for my mind to believe that he was the man that terrified me as the murderer in "No Country for Old Men" and he was also the seductive artist/lover in "Vicky Christina Barcelona" (two movies that everyone should see). 

His most recent role was playing Uxbal in "Biutiful".  It was released in the U.S. in December (limited release).  This movie is a dark drama filmed and set in Barcelona, Spain.  Guaranteed to show you parts of this city that you missed when you went there to eat tapas on your vacation.  Mr. Bardem says that this has been his hardest role yet.  Be prepared because reviews say that it is quite intense for viewers, maybe skip this as a first date movie.  Please enjoy the preview below.  If you have already seen the movie I would love to hear your thoughts.   


  1. I haven't seen No Country for Old Men but I have heard great reviews! I really liked him in Vicky Christina Barcelona :)
    I think Biutiful looks great!

  2. thanks for stopping by!
    i've honestly seen everything he's been in, minus his latest film. His villain in NCFOM is one of the most terrifying!

  3. nice post!!

  4. Yes, this looks really intense and a driving plot but also seems like there are moments of beauty.

    I also have the Vicky Christina Barcelona DVD still in cello. Maybe I need to take it off and pop it in the DVD player while I convalesce.


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  5. Yeah! He's amazing hey!

    One time I was like to my husband (fiance at the time)

    "hey, do you remember that movie with the guy with the hair?"

    and he responded with

    "No Country For Old Men?"

    and I was like

    "Yeah, that was a good movie, that guy was a crazy good actor..."

    ahha and that was the day we were crazy in sync but also loving on Javier.