Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Yesterday, I had to work later than normal which caused me to miss watching the Bachelor. Before you judge, I know that show will do nothing to help me progress or grow as a person. It is a total guilty pleasure. This makes me wonder...what other purely frivolous things do I adore? 
chocolates & macaron
I'll tell you my three favorites...

1. I LOVE sleeping late.

2. I LOVE eating sweets. I would narrow that down, but I can't! I love chocolates, cookies, candies, and pies!

3. I LOVE notebooks. I have more than I could ever possibly use, but I want more. Maybe in addicted to notebooks. I probably shouldn't be so honest. Now I'm embarrassed.

As for the Bachelor, I will watch it online tonight so that I don't miss any of the juicy action. Can't wait!

What kind of nonsense things do you relish?

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  1. i love myself some trashy tv...housewives anyone? i love containers, although i don't think they help in anyway to keep myself organized.

  2. Those treats look super tasty! Among my many guilty pleasures the top picks would have to be: dark chocolate, pastries, stationary, US Weekly, and The Vampire Diaries. Shameful, I know!

  3. Guilty pleasures plenty of tv shows, Vampire Diaries, Jersey Shore (I know), and Pretty Little Liars (even though I'm like 10 yrs to old for this show). So keep on watching that Bachelor, no shame! ;)

  4. I also love sleeping late and eating sweets but that comment about notebooks reminds me of my Mom. She's a hoarder when it comes to notebooks! She just loves them, I don't know what she does with them, though. Haha funny.

  5. This is awesome.

    I'm with you on the sleeping late, then waking up and spending hours on the internet in my bed.

    Cake (with buttercream icing, vanilla everything)

    Expensive beer.

    True Blood and Mad Men are my favorites. I could watch them all day non-stop.

    Oh, this is embarassing, The Kardashians. Yeah, I said it.

    Ha, have a good day!

    1. I don't know why I didn't reply to this years ago when you wrote it, but better late than never? Haha. Anyway, very funny, solid guilty pleasures.