Monday, January 3, 2011

Fried Pickles, Ya'll

Resolution #2 was to "Try a new restaurant every month."  My first stop was Kitchen in Glover Park.

From the outside Kitchen appealed to me.  I peeked at the menu through the window and I knew this was a great first "new restaurant".  

Often, when I look at menus there are one or two things that immediately jump out at me.  I then make a quick decision between the two front-runners and that's that.  Today at Kitchen, everything on the menu seemed to appeal to me.  I found myself wondering if it would be unreasonable to order three entrées for myself.  I am a little ashamed to say that is what ended up happening.  There were too many tasty options for me to settle on just one!  

Kitchen's Bar
For my first meal, I had the Barbeque Shrimp and Grits from the brunch menu.  This dish is perfect.  Shrimp are made to be barbequed and then placed on top of cheddar cheese grits.  If you have not ever tried this dish, or grits for that matter, do not let yourself miss out on this tasty concoction.  Next, I had the Plain Ol' Fried Oysters.  Breaded in cornmeal and served with a remoulade sauce, this dish was what you would expect.  I mean that in a very good way.  This is the way I have always enjoyed oysters the most.  Last, I had the Mac and Cheese.  I find macaroni and cheese to be irresistible.  Kitchen makes this dish their on by topping it with a caramelized onion bechamel.  Too bad I didn't save room for the fried pickles, maybe next time.       

If you haven't already guessed, Kitchen's menu is made up of naughty Southern comfort food.  They also have plenty of Southern themed cocktails to swill.  I am from Georgia, and I have spent my fair share of time in Louisiana.  I would proudly recommend Kitchen to my Southern friends.  I am glad that this slice of the South was my first stop in my new restaurant tour.     

*Happy Meat Free Monday!


  1. what a great resolution! i'm gonna try the one new restaurant per month also :) your entry made me hungry, and i think it's perfectly okay to order 3 entrees :)


  2. I like the place, funny bar and warm atmosphere for the visitors.



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  3. this is a great resolution - i may have to steal it too! love shrimp and grits and this restaurant looks cool.

  4. Nice blog :)

  5. Great pictures, thank for your comment! Kiss xxx

  6. That's the best resolution! I think I may have to steal your idea :p And that restaurant sounds fantastic, comfort food is the best kind of food!

  7. I love southern comfort food too! I could live off of fried pickles and baked mac and cheese. This restaurant looks so cool.

    And thanks so much for adding me to your blog list!

    xxo Tess S.

  8. well now I'm hungry! haha

    and what are grits?? I always hear of them on tv and in movies, we mustn't have them in australia...

    perhaps I will google it!


  9. I am now famished and cannot get any of this delicious food! I want it all!

  10. Fried Pickles! Love them. They seem to be something folks up north aren't too crazy about. Out of my circle of friends, only me and my best friend seem to be mad about them. I'm excited to read more of your blog. Thanks for having visited mine!

  11. I must say I have never had grits and well infact I have never eaten real southern food. Probably because that is a part of the world I have never visited yet and have yet to find one near where I have ever lived.

    I say live with zest honey! Ordering 3 meals is the way to live fully!


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