Saturday, January 22, 2011

fashion + motorcycles = love

This is a love story...

All my life I have loved art and beauty.  

One of the most accessible forms of art and beauty is fashion.  

When I was little I dreamed of being a famous model or designer.  

When my husband was a little boy he discovered his love for motorcycles.

He would ride around the desert as fast as he could go.

He will always be inspired by their form and function.  They are his passion.    

Fashion and motorcycles seem to be a natural pair.  

They effortlessly live together in ads for top designer brands.

When you find two things that work together with such ease you must take notice.

fashion + motorcycles = love

Happy Anniversary to my loving, sexy husband.

I hope we have many more years filled with beauty and adventure. 


  1. What a beautiful story and what beautiful pictures!

  2. This one filled me all the way up!!