Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Fine things, while alluring, can sometimes be a bit intimidating if they are unfamiliar.  Fashion, art, and quality foods often come with fancy names that are hard to pronounce if you haven't had practice.  I don't like the idea of things being kept secret or exclusive, so I decided to do a new series of posts called "ALL ACCESS".  They will not be done consecutively, just as I wish.  

Here is your ALL ACCESS pass to 

First, before we can discuss these gorgeous goods, let's hear the pronunciation:

Now, that we sound like we know what we are talking about let's back that up with some knowledge. 
Olivia Palermo et Birkin Bag
Here are 3 fast facts about Hermès:

1. Hermès is a French high fashion house established in 1837 that first produced handmade saddles and harnesses, which explains the little horsey on their logo.

2. The signature color of Hermès is orange.

3. Hermès is now most commonly thought of for their bags and silk scarves.  Two bags to get to know would be the "Kelly" and the "Birkin" bags. 

Maintenant, laissez-nous aller magasiner!


  1. Ohhhh, Hermes. My favorite.
    Ohhhh, Olivia Palermo. My favorite.

  2. Olivia is gorgeous! and cool post:)

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