Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Puff Up the Volume!

I've noticed that when the weather turns cold every woman in Washinton, D.C. puts on a long, black puffer coat. Normally I don't go for such mob behavior, however, in this case, I will happily join right in. There are so many options in stores that you can easily put your own twist on this trend.

Here are two great examples of taking something that has become standard issue and making it work with your own style. Both are by Burberry, which I have also noticed is quite the rage here.

I love the shiny material used in the one on the left. It has the same flash of a patent leather bag or shoe. Also, the belt sits at the natural waist which helps maintain proportions. This is a great option for women of most heights and shapes. *Currently available on

Now, for the one on the right let's start with the obvious. It is not black. Why not go for a color or a plaid? This is a fun way to follow the trend but still make a statement. I like this plaid because it isn't so bold that you would be limited to how often you wear it. Again, the belt adds some shape, but I would not recommend this coat for anyone with a small frame (the plaid would take over most petite gals). *Currently available on

No matter your pick, please choose something that will keep you warm. Shivering is not stylish.


  1. This is also the fashion here in Paris!! I guess I'll choose the first one for the city, and the second one, for an outing in "campagne" Will Santa be THAT generous? ;D

  2. I hope Santa will be that generous! It probably depends on how good you have been this year. :)

    I looked at your blog. IT IS AMAZING!

    Thank you for the comment.

  3. I don't really go for the down coat look. I prefer leather or wool. Just my preference. The all black above looks nice though.