Saturday, December 11, 2010

No, It's Not a Gallery

When you first walk in to Muléh you may think that you have entered an art gallery. Fortunately, that is NOT the case. The front portion of the store is filled with modern home furnishings. They always have a great mix of interesting textures and shapes. Most of the materials seem to be from nature which gives them an organic, green vibe. As you dive in deeper you will notice that Muléh also houses an impressive collection of current apparel and accessories. I enjoy the full experience of visiting, but it's the fashion that keeps bringing me back.

Muléh does not have the typical boutique product mix, and I see this as a very positive thing. Normally, when I go to a smaller store (and by smaller I mean anything other than a national giant) I go in with high hopes and I leave empty handed. The pieces in other boutiques typically feel like leftovers. When I go to Muléh I always get the feeling that they have the best of each line they carry. As for their offerings, they have some of my favorites. I adore both Ports 1961 and Rozae Nichols! Please check their website to see a complete list of the lines that they carry,

I do think I should make one small disclaimer: This is not the boutique to get the boasty designer brands to impress your friends. This is a true fashion lovers boutique. If you enjoy interesting silhouettes and textiles artfully combined then this is your place. You are guaranteed to find a great new piece to add to your collection.

Muléh, 1831 14th Street NW

*I know the picture is tiny, but even in person it is easy to miss. If you pass it, turn around and look again.


  1. cute boutique. thanks for sharing!


  2. Thank you for your comment. Happy Holidays. ♥