Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lucky #3

Hello!  First, I want to thank you to everyone that has been reading and/or following.  I really appreciate you!  Next, I have an DC is now Lucky #3!  

Have you ever gone through a life change and felt the need to get a new wardrobe or maybe cut your hair?  That's what is going on here on this blog.  I thought I wanted to head in one direction, but as I went along I had a blogging identity crisis.  

Initially, I wanted to blog about things here in Washington, D.C., but I have found that I felt a bit stifled.  Going forward, you will continue seeing information about D.C.  But, I will now also be including information about other places and things.  The facebook page had also been updated!  Just search for "Lucky #3", and press "like" to get updates each time there is a new post.

*In case you are wondering, the #3 is my most favorite and luckiest number.   


  1. Love the new direction and name! Can't wait to read more posts.

  2. i want to change the name of my blog too! bah

  3. Good Idea , really great name! I do hope you keep us posted on all things Washington. I found your posts really charming and I loved imagining being there as well as learning about your great city through your eyes!

    So keep us posted from time to time


  4. Love the new direction! Definitely less stifling, but hope to see lots of DC stuff still :)

  5. Hi! Thank you for your comments and encouragement! I will definitely continue posting about D.C. I may get a few posts out first that I have had in my mind, but be on the lookout for Washington themed posts to return soon, because I love sharing all that I do here.

    Thank again! Happy New Year!