Thursday, December 9, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake Madness

Yesterday, as I was writing about the Sugar and Champagne Affair, I realized that I have had a major accidental oversight. I probably should have written about Georgetown Cupcake within my first few posts, but better late than never...

When I first got here last February I couldn't help but notice this cupcake shop that had a line outside into the freezing cold everyday! As I started to meet people at work it seemed that everyone felt the need to tell me to try a Georgetown Cupcake. Well, I did, and they are delicious, although what cupcake isn't? Since then, they have gotten their own reality show on TLC, and the lines have only gotten longer!

One of the things that I think keeps people hooked on Georgetown Cupcake is that they are constantly updating their offerings (see Christmas Collection above). I have even found myself sucked into the secret FREE flavor of the day many times...too many times. I also have the strange urge to take all out of town guests there. Whether you live here, or if you are just visiting, Georgetown Cupcake is worth the wait.


  1. Yesterday I was catching up on my "19 kids and counting" show, and they were visiting DC and eating at Georgetown Cupcakes.
    I thought of you. ☺

  2. hey thanks for visiting my blog :) love your comment! hehehee,, i could even remember that guys name - BURGER!! the guy broke up with Carrie on a POST IT!! how pathetic LOL haha! anyways, i love the cupcakes so much! its really christmasy :D XXX

  3. Annette, thanks for the comment! I love that show too. So, I guess they needed to buy at least 21 cupcakes! Wow!