Sunday, December 12, 2010

Festival of Lights

This morning I woke up with the desire to see some Christmas lights. Living in a high-rise condo building my best option for outdoor decorating is to squirrel a single strand of lights around the railing. I did that, but being a person who relishes excess I needed to see more. After doing some quick research I found out that the Washington D.C. Temple is known for it's grand light display. It is also completely free.

Around dusk my husband and I pulled into the parking lot only to see that we were a smidge too early. It was raining, just as it had been all day. We decided to park and wait in the car. As we clicked around on our phones, and just as I had forgotten that I was really waiting for anything, the lights came on. I actually gasped, and for a moment I felt like a kid. That was nice.

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  1. awwww the christmas decorations are really pretty! i feel like a kid too when it comes to christmas! :D putting stocking up! hoping to get pressies etc :) i guess thats what christmas does it all of us :) thanks for dropping by by the way :) XXXX ♥

  2. Thanks for following me love, really means a lot! The Christmas lights look absolutely amazing, I've never seen anything like that in Australia! I would feel like a kid in awe too if I was there to see those beautiful! I'm going to follow you too :)

  3. I lived in DC through the summer of 2009 and remember thinking to myself that the holiday season there would be really beautiful -- and it totally is!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. This is sooo pretty!!
    Thanks for following my blog, I'm now following yours too!!

    Sabrina O.

  5. sooo pretty!!!!

  6. look at the christmas lights! i love the colors! so pretty!

  7. I'm glad you guys enjoy the lights. Thank you for the comments.

    Happy Holidays, ♥

  8. Wow. I have been driving past the Temple for years now on 495 and never knew about these beautiful lights! Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

  9. This is a great picture! You caught the lights at the perfect time of day.