Friday, December 17, 2010

A Cup of Cheer

Yesterday the high was 28° and it was snowing, but as I have mentioned in previous posts
 I love the snow.  So, I donned my Hunter boots and  puffy black coat and went for a walk around Dupont Circle.   
Dupont Circle
I liked seeing everything with a coating of white snow.  When I saw this Vespa I thought it looked so Chrstmassy.  It almost seemed like a holiday decoration for it's row house.      

Happy Holidays!  
Just as I was starting to get chilled I came across Teaism.  I ordered up some cinnamon tea and headed upstairs.  A window seat was free, which excited me quite a lot (it's the little things that make me happy).  It was so nice to sit and watch the snow fall.  Even though they were busy, the energy in Teaism was calm, almost spa-like.  I definitely recommend it as a great place to unwind.
Cinnamon Apricot Tea 
During this time of parties and presents make sure to take care of yourself too.  
Stressed is not at all stylish. 


  1. Great eye Amanda!

    It is very pretty there:)


    check out my Great "Wool & The Gang" give away:)

  2. Oh Dupont Circle. I think that's my favorite spot when it snows.

  3. That Vespa picture is gorgeous and seems so classic.

  4. Thanks for the comments! Happy Holidays to you and yours. ♥