Friday, December 10, 2010

Co Co. Crazy

I'm sorry that most of my posts have been about sweets lately. Maybe it's the Holidays or maybe I'm just hungry, but I promise to move on to other topics soon...just not today.

If you are not familiar with Co Co. Sala you were me earlier today. I cannot believe that I just now discovered this chocolate fantasy. Co Co. Sala is a chocolate lounge and boutique located at 929 F Street. They have a full menu, but let's be honest, I know you really want to know about the drinks and dessert.

As you would expect the dessert menu is quite complete. Contrary to what you might expect the menu does include some non-chocolate options. What catches my eye the most is the hot chocolate menu, on which you have 7 different flavor options! If you simply can't make your pick you can opt for the Trio for $2 more. As if that wasn't enough decadence how does a cupcake shooter sound? As a sidecar to your cocoa you can have a mini-cupcake that has been injected with the liqueur of your choice.

Co Co. Sala is a fantastic place for a girls nights out or a sexy date. If you would like a more hands on twist to your visit they regularly hold classes and events. This Sunday there is a chocolate sculpting class at 2pm. Personally I don't need to make my chocolate. I am quite happy to have it brought to me already prepared on a silver tray, perhaps.

I am not sure why I am sitting here typing when I could be there sipping hot "co co" and eating a cupcake.


  1. Amanda! i really love your blog! im following now! so much inspiration! loving it :)

    ♥ xxx

  2. Esther! Thank you for your encouraging comments and for following the blog! It is nice to know that someone is reading and enjoying. :)

  3. thanks for the reply amanda :) love it! :) and yea i will also put a link of yours onto my sidebar if you dont mind :) just love it love it love it :) heeee big hugs!!

    ♥ xxx

  4. oooh Nice blog entry! Now I want to try Co Co Sala, the picture of the place looks very beautiful.

  5. Hello, Silkybow! Thank you for the comment. I hope you get to go to Co Co Sala sometime soon. One can never get enough chocolate. :)

  6. Amanda -

    Thank you for your gracious comments regarding Co Co. Sala. My name is Bharet and I am the co-owner of Co Co. Sala. We never get tired of hearing such nice thank you for mentioning us on your blog.

    Do let us know the next time you are coming to Co Co. Sala...feel free to email me at

    Thanks again and hope to meet you some day!


  7. Hello Bharet! Thank you for reading. I am so glad that you like the post. I will definitely be in soon. Thanks again.