Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's no secret that I love cold weather, and I would like to explain why. One of the main reasons that I adore cooler temperatures is that I love the things that the cold brings. As for fashion, it is at it's most fabulous when you can pile on endless layers. As for romance, you naturally get a little closer to your lover (have you ever held someone's sweaty hand in the Summer, gross). As for coffee, oh sweet coffee, even though it is always my drink of choice no matter the temperature, it just seems so right when the weather is cold.

I have done quite a tour of coffee shops in and around Washington, D.C. There are many that are worth stopping in when you are in the neighborhood, but there are two that I would say are worth going out of your way to visit. It is clear that both of these coffeehouses take pride in the coffee that they serve. Sometimes I find that true coffee takes a backseat to other flashier items such as sandwiches, milkshakes, and even pastries. Often coffee shops do not even smell like coffee when you walk into them! Not that I have anything against the aforementioned accompaniments, but I respect the shops below because they keep coffee in the starring role that I think it deserves.

Chinatown Coffee Company, 475 H Street
Clean minimal interior. I recommend their French Press. The price is reasonable, and you can really catch all the subtleties of your brew. If you want to get a bit obsessive, check out their blog. You can get instant updates on which coffees they are currently serving.

Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar, 1726 20th NW
Nice location close enough take your coffee to sit at Dupont Circle. I recommend the Pour Over coffee. It will be quite strong, but definitely an experience worth trying. If you are wanting a latte, this is the place. Be prepared to wait because they will not serve it until it's perfect.

Stay warm.

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