Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tips for Shopping Stylishly

With Black Friday just a few days away I think it is a great time to share some shopping tips. Here's to a stylish holiday season!

#1 Shop with quality in mind, not quantity. More than once I have been charmed by the sparkle of buying something new only to get home to realize that I already have something similar and of better quality. Do not fall prey to the "2 for..." trap either. If you wouldn't have bought one in the first place the last thing you need is two!

#2 Try to shop when the stores aren't as crowded. When the store is crowded you will be less likely to browse, and you will be more likely to make a hasty decision so that you can escape the madness. This leads to wasted money or the hassle of a return trip to make an exchange. Also, when the energy is high in the store you may get caught up in the atmosphere and spend more than you intended. Of course, there are some time sensitive deals that can't be missed, and that would be the time to skip this tip.

#3 Do your shopping at the beginning of the Holidays. Inventory levels are at their peak just before Thanksgiving. That you means you will have the best selection of styles and sizes. The sales associates will be more likely to help. Towards the end of the shopping season they will be tired, and less likely to want to chat with you about the perfect gift for your aunt. The most important reason to do your shopping early: Once you complete your shopping you can spend time with your family and friends. After all, the Holidays are about the people you love, not what you can buy. ♥

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