Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Macarons, the New Cupcakes

I have a friend that is always up to date on the most current food trends. She is my food style connection. She will text me the name of a new coffee shop that I must try. Sometimes she will post on my wall the new "it" bean (if there is such a thing). Well, she has been telling me for a while now that French Macarons are the next cupcake. It's no secret that cupcakes are the hot dessert, but they are becoming mainstream now. According to my friend, "Cupcakes are so last year." I still love them, but in the interest of being on the cusp of things let's talk about macarons. I am no stranger to these addictive treats. I first had them in Paris on my honeymoon. I picked them out in the pastry shop because they were so beautiful. They come in an unlimited amount of colors, their crust is shiny, and they are filled with a sweet cream similar to butter-cream frosting. You know the yogurt commercials when everyone is dancing around in a field of pink flowers so happy because of the strawberry yogurt? That is how you feel when eating a macaron. Recently I discovered a chocolate shop with in walking distance to my apartment that sells fresh macarons. You can buy pretty decent frozen macarons at Trader Joes, but if you can get them freshly made it will be worth your while. They can be found in most major cities. Take the time to look for them. You will be glad that you did. If you ever visit Bethesda make a stop at Cacao on Bethesda Lane.

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