Thursday, November 25, 2010

Let's Go Skating!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope that your day was filled with love and tasty food. I am thankful that this year I got to move here. It has been so much fun discovering a new place and meeting new people that I am so thankful to know.

Today, just as I do every holiday, about halfway through I got a little restless. I like to be on the move, and I can only hang around inside for so long. So, my husband, dog, and I went for a ride. I wanted to go see the National Christmas Tree. From there we walked down the Mall. That is when we stumbled upon an outdoor ice skating rink!

Just off of the mall in the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden is the most charming little rink. It has a magical feeling. It seems like the kind of place that you could fall in love (clearly I have watched too many movies). Even if you are already in love I can't imagine a more festive way to burn off that turkey dinner.

For all the details visit their website:

*I couldn't resist adding this picture of my dog. Sorry.

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