Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dress Code for Thanksgiving

Any time that I know I have an event coming up there is one question on my mind: What will I wear? Thanksgiving is no different. If you are invited over to a friend's Thanksgiving meal you must take care when selecting your outfit for the occasion. There is no true dress code for this kind of day. If you could peep into homes across the United States you would find the clothing as varied as the people. Guaranteed there will be some in cocktail attire. While in other homes sweatpants will be chosen for the functionality of the stretchy waistband (cringe).

Here are some helpful tips to ensure a stylish holiday:

#1 Ask your host for guidance. Hopefully they will not simply say, "Oh, you can wear anything."

#2 Consider the location. Homes tend to be more casual, but still avoid denim unless specified by the host. If you are going to a public venue take your cues from the venue.

#3 Consider the time of day. Lunch is not normally as formal as dinner.

#4 Ladies, keep it covered. You may be sitting next to someone's grandmother or grandfather (gasp).

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