Thursday, April 1, 2010

Monumental Navigation

Growing up in Atlanta I never had to learn how to get around. When I started driving I just knew where to go. When I lived in Salt Lake and in Denver I had mountains to help me navigate. When I lived in Dallas I was just lost all of the time. There were too many highways for me to learn. Here, in D.C., the city is landscaped with monuments. They are not as visible as the mountains out West, but when you catch a glimpse of one you can be sure which way you should go.

The other night I was feeling a little sad. My husband and I went out for a ride, no destination in mind. We ended up at the Lincoln Memorial. Once we were up to where Lincoln sits I took a look out to see his view. Across the Mall was the Washington Monument shining in the night. I felt happier. I had the same sense of calm as I have when looking out from a mountain out West. Every place should have something as solid as a mountain or a monument to welcome newcomers.

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